Friday, 5 September 2014

BLACK TRIANGLE DRUGS under High Scrutiny

Black Triangle classification on drugs your doctor may prescribe should be carefully monitored and ANY suspected adverse reactions reported to a pharmacovigilance system we have to support as it is the only 'official' one. Please also report to the web site monitored by doctors   as they may take more active efforts to create awareness of newly discovered adverse drug reactions (ADRs) also please report all psychiatric ADRs to any medicine or following anaesthetics to APRIL 

Black Triangle Drugs now include Dianette (cyproterone acetate & ethinylestradiol)and Champix (Verenicline) the drug prescribed to help smokers also known as Chantix.

“The Black Triangle”

Although the Black Triangle has been used since the 1980s in the UK to indicate that a drug is under intensive surveillance, new pharmacovigilance legislation in Europe now extends the Black Triangle symbol across the EU.

The Black Triangle will have to be present in the manufacturer’s Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) and associated packaging patient leaflet (PIL) of any product subject to additional monitoring, along with the phrase “This medicinal product is subject to additional monitoring”.

Further information about all drugs available in the UK are on the web site  this is the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries (APBI) electronic medicines compendium and has masses of good information. The SPC contains more information as it contains data the manufacture must submit when the drug is first licensed and should be updated as adverse reactions not originally listed are discovered.
Additional monitoring under the Black Triangle scheme applies to:
§           all medicinal products with a new active substance
§           biological medicinal products, including biosimilars
§           Any other medicine a regulator can demonstrate a specific requirement for additional monitoring
Black Triangle status will normally last for 5 years, but can be extended if ongoing safety issues require it.
Please report ALL suspected adverse drug reactions to any drug which has a black triangle symbol next to it to  and APRIL will appreciate information about psychiatric adverse reactions to add to our data, used to promote action and improve education for health professionals.
Black Triangle drugs in the EU full list: go to the complicated MHRA web site and be patient ! click on
1.     Safety Information,
2.     MEDICINES (in left menu)
3.     How we monitor the safety of products
4.     Overview
5.     Medicines
6.     Black Triangle Medicines then right at the bottom of the page you will find a link to the latest list of drugs designated with the Black Triangle

If MHRA web site changes cause problems just put Black Triangle in search box at Unfortunately my attempts to provide a direct link to the information are unsuccessful. I have written to the MHRA to suggest the Black Triangle information should be on the home page or found with just one click.

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