Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Contraceptive Pill links to Depression on BBC radio 4 Woman's Hour Today

Contraceptive Pill links to Depression

Today on BBC Radio 4 in the excellent programme Woman's Hour, I heard a discussion about the contraceptive pill and links to depression.

I would like to congratulate the presenter, Emma Barnett for her enlightened attention to what is a serious problem for many women. Sadly so many women do not link their mood swings, depression and failure to cope, with prescribed medication including the Pill. Many women are prescribed antidepressants to help them deal with depression that may not be a problem once they stop taking a particular contraceptive or other medication.

Please refer to my campaign about Dianette ( click Dianette to link to Guardian article) as the doctor on the programme seemed to promote the fact that skin and other problems can improve with certain contraceptives.

He failed to mention that Dianette, the drug promoted for acne is the one that is not actually licensed for contraception (though it has a contraceptive action) due to higher risk of dvt, blood clots. Banned for a while by the EU this comes with warnings. It may be valuable for women considering this drug, to have their blood clotting factor checked before embarking on using Dianette (also known as Diane 35 and many other generic names.). The doctor did mention that loss of libido as a possible adverse drug reaction (ADR).

We will never know how many suicides are linked to prescribed drugs that cause depression - in other words, are not tolerated, with the addition drugs prescribed for the depression, that are also not tolerated.

You can hear the radio 4 programme on BBC iplayer Contraceptive Pill links to Depression

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